Christmas High Tea

The British drink tea. A lot of tea. They even have a designated tea time (between 4 and 5 pm?!), a fact that every child probably all over the world learns in their first English lessons. And tea means black tea, herbal tea is just something against a cold in the winter.


One thing on the „how to be British“ or the „things to do before you leave“ list is thus attending a High Tea or Afternoon Tea in one of the numerous cafes. There are differences, however. The classic tea with scones, clotted cream and jam (ohhh sooo good!) or the „extended version“ with sandwiches and cupcakes and brownies and lots of calories…


One afternoon before christmas, we decided to go for a rather modernised version of the High Tea in a stylish cafe called Bea’s of Bloomsbury. Instead of the classic cucumber and salmon finger sandwiches (on untoasted toast), they serve sandwiches with antipasti. The scones were fresh and crisp and just so marvelous (I could have stopped there). Then there were the cupcakes and although not a fan, these were really good, filled with passionfruit puree (and thus not as dry as usually) and not overly sweet. The list of teas was long and a free refill highly appreciated. We had a relaxed afternoon (and skipped dinner) but next time I would go for a more classic setting.