Nickys Veda

„Nickys Veda“ was the title of the cookbook in Selina´s bookshelf that caught my attention ayurvedafutzi4when we visited her and Jan earlier this year in London. An inspiring book about Ayurvedic principals and heaps of delicious recipes. Selina experimented a lot with different spice mixes and her homemade “Tridoshi Masala” became one of my favourites in the Asian corner of our spice rack. But what caught us were not only the recipes. Nicky Sitaram Sabnis, the author of “Nickys Veda” and other Ayurvedic cookbooks, is looking back to a truly unsettled life that brought him finally from India to the catholic convent on Frauenchiemsee in Bavaria – as a chef, not as a nun. Sounds interesting? A Hindu and Ayurveda chef from India cooking at a nun´s convent in Bavaria? That is interesting! And it did not take long to convince Selina to book in for the last two spots at Nicky`s Ayurveda weekend cooking class in December this year. And yes – that weekend was an experience, in every single way.

ayurvedafutzi3The workshop was not only led by Nicky but also by his “Spezl” Lenzi (Gundumaamaa) a truly Bavarian native and also an Ayurveda expert. The contrast between the tiny, small framed Indian and the hunky Bavarian could not be bigger – but they met in their dry sense of humour and their refreshing direct way to teach, explain and make comments.

The theory parts of the workshop were framed by excellent Ayurvedic food, cooked by us in small groups or by Nicky´s kitchen fairy Heli. The variety was impressive and leftovers were rare. When we were not busy with reflecting on Doshas, discussing about spices and ingredients or cooking Nicky´s recipes, we went for small walks around Frauenchiemsee and relaxed in the silent atmosphere at the convent.

ayurvedafutzi5So if you are after “something different” Nicky´s Ayurveda workshop is definitely an option – on our way back we agreed that it felt like we have been away for half a week, not only for two and a half day. Thank you Nicky and Gundumaamaa – you will stay in our minds.