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Friday Night #5: Hajime

It is quiet a while ago when we went to eat Tempura at Hajime, but we still love to think back to …


Friday Night #4: Gingerboy

Quiet a while ago my boss told me from a fancy Asian restaurant where he was invited to and he directly had …


Christmas High Tea

The British drink tea. A lot of tea. They even have a designated tea time (between 4 and 5 pm?!), a fact …

Stokehouse 3

Friday Night #3: Stokehouse

This Friday night we decided to choose a spot in our direct neighborhood. The Stokehouse Restaurant located at the foreshore in St …

Spice Temple 2

Friday Night #1: Spice Temple

Friday Night is our new series where we report about the vibrant restaurant scene of Melbourne. As we have introduced you to …